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more sketchbooking

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yet more little drawings from last night sketchbook times. I seem to go through these manic phases of drawing but  not actually achieving anything- does any one else get this?

I tell myself these drawings will work their way in to an actual finished idea at some point, this makes me feel a bit better.


sunday afternoon drawing

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the happy turn around

In childrens book, sketchbook on January 18, 2011 at 8:12 pm

This is a little bit of an experiment in gouache, its preparation for a commision that i have spent way too long planning and worrying about so i hope the recipient will over look the time its taken me to actually begin. I have just not felt like painting or drawing in the past few months, which will also account for my complete lack of blogging too.

i suppose it is all to be expected, when you finish uni it is all very exciting and you feel ready to crack open the oyster and draw nice images and maybe make a buck or two, but then you go from working constantly to working less and less and then …. i dont know i guess one begins to lose one’s nerve. or maybe it is just me, and the silly thing is i have been working in a design studio, i got the job straight from uni,  so i was a lucky one, but it is still somewhat… difficult. perhaps being around talented designers all day makes me feel that i have so much left to learn,but just recently i have felt the turn around begin to set it- i feel happy when i am drawing and relaxed and it has been so great as now i can not stop drawing again, i just hope some nice new images come out of it.


any way, enough of that.  i am excited about: the black swan at the barbican on friday .

the end is now

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yikes, today is the day i hand in all my work for assessment for my whole degree! wish me luck.

i hope i have done enough, it seems so weird that all my work fits in to a few bags and cases.


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i sort of have a crush on the old pink panther cartoons- i guess that what this experiment is based on….  i think its too crazy though so i am going to re draw it- it is for a new story which i am crazily going to do before my hand in date at uni- so like in three weeks! i might be over estimating what i can get done. any way stay tuned to see if this insane deadline will cripple my already fragile anxious mental state.

c-c-c-ool to crochet- but boy its hot today

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now it came to pass that last night  i watched the wonderous Blur making their big comeback at glastonbury ( watching on the telly). i distracted myself from wimpering about how much i love them and how much i wished i was there by crocheting a little sumthing sumthin- and it is little- 29062009749

a little hat for totoro. although he REALLY does not require such head wear as it is HOT HOT HOTTY HOT in the uk right now.

and today in the sweltering tropical heat of my bedroom i avoided the sun because crumbs i do burn easily- i needed a fun activity so i decided to busy my little unemployed hands by making a note book. i made it EXTRA cute in an attempt to lure me in to practice more Japanese. i got  kinda good at speaking and understanding basic japanese a few years back but then uni kinda got in my way. sooo here it is- i think it might be cute enough to do the trick. i used some vintage wrapping paper for the jacket and assorted scrap paper for the inside. 29062009750

o and one more nice pretty thing- will you look at this packaging of some toothpaste?- crumbs i am in LOVE, o more i am in love with the special edition marmite- has any one seen it? its so decadent and pretty but too expensive for me- any ways i am digressing and i must show you this toothpaste- 28062009746


and this is a silly  picture 26062009743

cut, snip and stick

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cali2 005cali2 004cali2 006thats how i make a picture these days.

these collages are for a project at uni which is loosely called the ‘london trip’. for those more eagle eyed among you you may have noted that these illustrations dont really yell london LONDON at you. well the idea is that even though i live in the beautiful somerset countryside i dont walk all that much unless i kinda have to- take my dog for a walk go get milk etc- but when i am in bristol or london i walk miles and miles around the city so i thought i might want to promote walking in the countryside- really just to myself.. i

character building characters

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cali2-0051so i have decided to enter a competition open to any unpublished illustrator and since i fit that category – sadly weep weep . i want to enter it as the prize is more awesome than i could imagine. i clearly dont have a hope in hecks chance of winning but also the whole project would be nice to put in my asssement portfolio for uni. i have really  enjoyed it but holy moly it was hard work.

any way these are some examples.

above is a character sketch

and below is a double page spread.


i have been working so hard on it, and changing my mind about the characters, crying about how rubbish they look and then deciding i LOVE them and then deciding not to enter the competition for fear of being laughed outta town … and now just trudging on just so i can say to myself that i kept to the challenge despiite how tricky it wa- which is something i hate to do. i am a flake and quitter- but not any more. like my little fairy i am pulling my socks up!

a few new paintings

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these are some little paintings i have been doing just for fun. cali2-019cali2-020they have been pretty fun and i feel like i am getting better with colour. i like the kind of retro colours.cali2-024