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Fan art for Betty Magazine

In me, my work on March 8, 2012 at 8:15 pm

I drew this a little while ago for the wonderful Betty Magazine, they didnt ask for it or anyhting, i just geeked out reading the publication and could not control the urge to draw the lovely images.I just thought i would share them here.

hope you like 

and here is what the cover looked like in the flesh 

also i am going to Amsterdam tomorrow! yippee. i will try to take some photos whilst i am away, but i am pretty rubbish at taking photos so i wont promise anything


more sketchbooking

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yet more little drawings from last night sketchbook times. I seem to go through these manic phases of drawing but  not actually achieving anything- does any one else get this?

I tell myself these drawings will work their way in to an actual finished idea at some point, this makes me feel a bit better.

long time. no see

In baking, cooking, me on August 12, 2011 at 8:36 pm

I have been a very lazy blogger.apologies

firstly i must advise you all to go to the Nordic Bakery in soho 

would you get a load of those desaturated COLOURS!!! yikes it is so pretty! and delicious- that drink is RHUBARB cordial and it is so so yummy. if any one has a recipe i would be delighted to make some.

after going to the bakery to try the infamous Cinamon Rolls i had to come home and follow the recipe to make my own- the recipe can be found hereThey did seem kinda time consuming but the results are truly delicious.although if you live in london it is most likely that getting a bus to Soho is quicker than making this yourself.But so so delicious.

Rye bread is the next Nordic recipe i must conquer.

I must also advise you all to make this recipe  from the wonderful what katie ate. i like the rustic look of this tart- i think that is my cooking style.

this is my version and it blew my greedy brains out. so delicious.  the recipe says to use pre made pastry- i made my own, i have not tried the pre made stuff but if you have time- make your own. YUM evidence of the yumminess can be seen in this picture- you can see where i could not resist breaking a bit of pastry off the edge and  eating it before i took a quick photo.

In non food related news, i am delighted to be featured on Creatives Inc website. i must thank the lovely Lizzie and i hope so fun projects may come out of it.

i would love to show you a really nice sample of a santa i have designed that came in from the suppliers in the far east this week but i think i would get in trouble from work….. maybe once he hits the shops i can let you catch a glimpse of him.

some new work

In childrens book, cute stuff, me on May 15, 2011 at 5:59 pm

I wonder if you can guess who these characters are? i hope despite the lack of porridge so far it will be clear what story i am trying to tell.

I had a really nice chat with a lady who knows all about children’s book publishing lately and it really helped to focus what drawings i want (and need to do) if i want to approach children’s book publishers.

I am enjoying the new imagery and just making an effort to make my characters younger looking.

I hope it is working?

lost in the woods

In childrens book, me on April 27, 2011 at 2:49 pm

I feel a bit like running away to hide in a tree.

I have been doing a spot of running recently and also trying to learn to stay on a skateboard- its fun, and its good for trying to lure myself in to being brave and fearless as at the moment i spend 90% of my time in a slight state of anxiety. I have conjured an alter ego called “coco” (as in my name is CaliCO- so COCO)

Coco is brave, Coco makes me get on a skateboard and send emails to agents and stuff that makes me feel afraid.

any way i hope you like my picture

sunday afternoon drawing

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love is in the air

In cute stuff, digital image, me, typography on February 11, 2011 at 9:38 pm

a valentine card i have been working on.


i have been a busy bumble bee lately, working full time designing fairies and trying my best to do work outside of that, to build up the folio. this card idea is for a new little project which i hope will lead to more fun things.

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off to see WU YLF

fun fun fun

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I have contributed to Amelia’s magazine, this week. how exciting? if you would like to see this image i created for an interview with the band I like Trains, then have a look here if you like.

Its a Marshmallow world for me

In me, my work on July 30, 2010 at 8:55 pm

HOORAY good readers i come bearing glad tidings- i have got a job as an apprentice designer for a lovely lovely company who make christmas and easter decorations, so i think i am going to be festive all year round

If you too would like some good cheer i suggest you listen to Darlene Love and mull up a wine or cider!

a very merry un-christmas to you!