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Someone stole my bike yesterday!

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ginger tea french music and watercolours

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yup folks, thats what my weekend has begun with. i have a bit of a sniffly sore throat cold, nothing too severe just horrid and gross, and its raining outside so i think i shall stay cooped up drinking medicinal ginger tea- which i dont really dig, and painting stuff a little like this lady who i have been working on recently.

i really love watercolours. they feel so nice and sensitive, but not sure if the overall effect is that succesful, i must persevere.

well i will carry on listening to this  chap yves montand until later tonight when i am sure that i will not be too sad if i am too ill to go out because boadwalk empire will be on 🙂

love is in the air

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a valentine card i have been working on.


i have been a busy bumble bee lately, working full time designing fairies and trying my best to do work outside of that, to build up the folio. this card idea is for a new little project which i hope will lead to more fun things.

shop till you drop

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please have a peep at my etsy store, i am listing some new illustrations.




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Well yesterday i handed my last picture book files in to the printers so hopefully by the end of the week i will have the paper printed so i can make some lovely hardback versions of the lonely gardener and the greedy fisherman AND i will have some paperback versions of Helga, and the gardener and the fisherman!! fingers crossed the lovely printers will get be able to understand my silly description of what i want and i HOPE HOPE HOPE i dd all the files correctly as it was a bit of a rush to hand it in!

but the end of uni is in sight…. and i cant wait to draw in the real world!!!

the patient fisherman

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this is from the story i am working on crazily to try to finish before my assesment at uni- it was inspired by this on vbs about a big trash island floating far far from civilisation. its really horrible cos it’s like an impossible thing to clean up and sort out, that is why this fisherman is patient cos he sets about trying to sort the mess out! bless him! good luck fisherman cos we have messed up the sea! more can be seen on my flikr account.

over and out!

this is kinda how i feel

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well i had a bit of bad news this week end…. luckily i have some nice people who make me feel better. so my drawing has been a bit neglected but i finally finished this image of the gardener. its not a good diagnosis for the gardener!

i wonder if all the blood is too much for kids? hmmm… i wonder

bunny bunnnny!

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Well this week end i was really a lucky girl, my lovely boyfriend drove all the way to see me to help layout my picture book- more of that later- and when he arrived he had an extremely wonderous surprise in his little carry all- this BUNNY LAMP! yikes i have been lusting after this fella since november when i spied him in liberty !

now any one who has met me will tell you that i LOVE bunny rabbits and wish i had one! but alas i am not responsible enough for one. so this is indeed a very delightful addition to my life!

And then the lovely chap helped me to set up the layout for my picture book which i am delighted to say is ready for printing TOMMOROW! so stay tuned for hopefully some pictures of a printed and bound picture book in the next week!

more picture book malarky

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well here is some more of the picture book, so far… dare i say it? … i am kinda happy with these images. they are by no means exactly how i want them to look but i am trying to curb the amount of time i spend on each image in the hopes of possibly finishing the whole book before the end of uni- which a week ago seemed completly unachievable, but now i think hmmm maybe?
o and turns out i am too old to be a ballerina! darn it! but i shall keep it up- i paid for another 5 weeks of prancing about forgeting what to do with my little twinkle toes!

picture book stuff

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for the past few months- since september actually- i have been developing a picture book. i think that is the loosest term for it really as it was initially a childrens book now its just a story in pictures, kids or no kids. Its a story about a mean grumpy old lady and her interaction with her neighbours, its all written in ryhme for some reason?