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more sketchbooking

In childrens book, cute stuff, me, my work, sketchbook on November 16, 2011 at 8:53 am

yet more little drawings from last night sketchbook times. I seem to go through these manic phases of drawing but  not actually achieving anything- does any one else get this?

I tell myself these drawings will work their way in to an actual finished idea at some point, this makes me feel a bit better.


drawing at Columbia Road

In childrens book, cute stuff, my work on October 24, 2011 at 1:09 pm

I had a most delightful day drawing yesterday with the lovely Esther Mcmanus

We went to Columbia Road Flower Market, we sipped yummy warm beverages and draw in the chilly sunshine

I am really relishing drawing with pencils and paint and felt tips. I spend all day glued to my wacom and so it makes my personal work feel much more diffreniated from my day job when i draw with actual real life media.

A few weeks ago when it was still super hot and sunny I went to Kew Gardens, and also did a wee bit of drawing

And lastly, a little image of a character i am working on.

I hope you like her? what do you think?

some new work

In childrens book, cute stuff, me on May 15, 2011 at 5:59 pm

I wonder if you can guess who these characters are? i hope despite the lack of porridge so far it will be clear what story i am trying to tell.

I had a really nice chat with a lady who knows all about children’s book publishing lately and it really helped to focus what drawings i want (and need to do) if i want to approach children’s book publishers.

I am enjoying the new imagery and just making an effort to make my characters younger looking.

I hope it is working?

lost in the woods

In childrens book, me on April 27, 2011 at 2:49 pm

I feel a bit like running away to hide in a tree.

I have been doing a spot of running recently and also trying to learn to stay on a skateboard- its fun, and its good for trying to lure myself in to being brave and fearless as at the moment i spend 90% of my time in a slight state of anxiety. I have conjured an alter ego called “coco” (as in my name is CaliCO- so COCO)

Coco is brave, Coco makes me get on a skateboard and send emails to agents and stuff that makes me feel afraid.

any way i hope you like my picture

ginger tea french music and watercolours

In childrens book, digital image, my work, tea on February 19, 2011 at 12:40 pm

yup folks, thats what my weekend has begun with. i have a bit of a sniffly sore throat cold, nothing too severe just horrid and gross, and its raining outside so i think i shall stay cooped up drinking medicinal ginger tea- which i dont really dig, and painting stuff a little like this lady who i have been working on recently.

i really love watercolours. they feel so nice and sensitive, but not sure if the overall effect is that succesful, i must persevere.

well i will carry on listening to this  chap yves montand until later tonight when i am sure that i will not be too sad if i am too ill to go out because boadwalk empire will be on 🙂

the happy turn around

In childrens book, sketchbook on January 18, 2011 at 8:12 pm

This is a little bit of an experiment in gouache, its preparation for a commision that i have spent way too long planning and worrying about so i hope the recipient will over look the time its taken me to actually begin. I have just not felt like painting or drawing in the past few months, which will also account for my complete lack of blogging too.

i suppose it is all to be expected, when you finish uni it is all very exciting and you feel ready to crack open the oyster and draw nice images and maybe make a buck or two, but then you go from working constantly to working less and less and then …. i dont know i guess one begins to lose one’s nerve. or maybe it is just me, and the silly thing is i have been working in a design studio, i got the job straight from uni,  so i was a lucky one, but it is still somewhat… difficult. perhaps being around talented designers all day makes me feel that i have so much left to learn,but just recently i have felt the turn around begin to set it- i feel happy when i am drawing and relaxed and it has been so great as now i can not stop drawing again, i just hope some nice new images come out of it.


any way, enough of that.  i am excited about: the black swan at the barbican on friday .

fisherman’s tale

In childrens book, Uncategorized on January 15, 2011 at 10:28 am

I have been working on ways to interpret one of the stories i wrote at university. The story of the greedy fisherman is one which i think has potential as a fable for little readers and so i am trying to re work the images to make them more friendly and sweet and soft. 

so i have tried to interpret it in watercolour- which i like, it is very delicate and quick to work with. 

and also in illustrator, which is VERY quick and satisfying. everything has such a lovely clean finish to it, which can put some people off i huess. but hopefully the textures are helping to make it less “vector”

i am also working on some gouche painting for a commision- i love how gouche makes colours so nice and smoooooth.

off to broadway market in a bit so maybe i just have time to paint before i leave.

also i am on twitter now  so please follow me. i am trying to get the hang of it.

brush your hair one hundered times before bed time

In childrens book, cute stuff, me on July 25, 2010 at 10:11 pm

this is something i drew today whilst listening to David Copperfield on the old bbc iplayer. about five hours of Dickens has made me feel a little …odd. i am experimenting with vector images, i am not sure if they are for me, i certainly like them, i have been trying to create a goauche version and vector version of things i draw in my sketchbook- just to try out the best ways to get images finished. I must also apologise for the lack of blogging, I promise i have not been slacking, i am working hard to find a job in London so that i might be able to move in with my Mister sooner rather than later. eeep it is a tough task. but i will keep working.

the end is now

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yikes, today is the day i hand in all my work for assessment for my whole degree! wish me luck.

i hope i have done enough, it seems so weird that all my work fits in to a few bags and cases.

sneak peek one

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So here are a few sneaky peeks at my Helga book, there are two more to come.

stay tuned

enjoy the lovely sunshine