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nail art

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I have set myself a new year’s resolution to NOT HAVE CHIPPED NAILS. I know super shallow, but it does not mean i always have to have painted nails, it just means no leaving my nails to look like they belong to a troll.

Any who, i have pretty much managed to keep my nails unchipped, and some times i have been procratinating from my Drawing by doing silly nail art on myself. what do you think?


growing things

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I am kinda infatuated with my little windowsill greenhouse. Every morning, and then at regular intervals throughout the day, I find myself fussing over my little seedlings. Talking to them, inspecting them, gazing lovingly at them, repotting them, spraying them with water.. the list of my little nurtures goes on.

So I thought it was high time they get a moment in the Blog limelight.

If any one has any gardening tips, especially for growing tomatoes indoors then I would be forever grateful.

pretty flowers, not much else

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some lovely anemonies from columbia road market, i got tons of them and filled the flat. you can’t really tell here but I put most of them in milk bottles, which I have an abundance of, they looked very pretty. cant wait for Peony time.
In drawing news, i am doing lots of work but none that can be shared just yet.