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Betty Magazine Launch

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I can not believe it has taken me over one week to post about the wonderful Betty Magazine Launch. I was having such a splendid time that I actually forgot to take any photos on the night, what an absolute failure I am! It has been such a pleasure to contribute to this issue, I loved working with the Betty crew. Such a talented bunch of people all passionate about making a fantastic publication. So please support it by going and looking at the blog, and if you like what you see you can purchase an issue here

The location was really nice, the Lomography store in Spitafields, and it was all summer themed with stripey paper cups filled with delicious malibu concoctions with little cocktail umbrellas and stripey straws.

I bumped in to a fellow Bath Spa Graphics classmate, the wonderous Alice Gabb. which was delightful as always.

We had music from Peter and Kerry, listen to their cover of Amerie’s One Thing because it is rad. ( also the original version is a massive guilty pleasure of mine).

As you can see in the rubbish photos we had yummy “Betty” biscuits from the biscuiteers in our goody bag! Yum and so pretty.



Cargo collective website

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I have set up a little cargo collective portfolio, go have a look over here. lots of new work is on there. 

Illustrations for Ontour

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A while ago I was inspired to draw some illustrations for clothing company Ontour, I was very pleased that they seemed to like them, and so i drew some more for them based on the new collection they have done for spring summer called “the bakery”

it is featured on the blog over here  

Ontour make some beautiful clothes, everyone should go buy some. 

this is  the original illustration I made for them.


live drawing at Glug

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A few weeks ago, back when here in London we were experiencing our summer, which lasted approx three days…. any way, lets not dwell on the English weather… But On one of the hottest days of the year so far, i had a splendid time doing some live drawing at Glug London.

Glug is a really fun event held by Studio Output. On arrival you get a free beer or burger and an evening of amazing inspiriring talks. But on ths occasion, if you were not able to get a lucky ticket to attend the lectures, you could be entertained by some drawing folk outside in the courtyard.  it was very nice, just getting on with some drawing. 

check out how dark it was in the photo, I must have enjoyed it so much that i did not realise that i was drawing in pretty much total darkness.

some good stuff

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I was very pleased to find out that i will be included in the next issue of Anorak Magazine, I entered a little competition over at doodlers anonymous. Pretty excited about that.

I hope that i get to do more work in the next few months because I have taken a very scary decision to go down to a four day week at my “day job” designing xmas decorations.

It is really exciting but also TERRIFYING.

any who see later aligators

nail art

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I have set myself a new year’s resolution to NOT HAVE CHIPPED NAILS. I know super shallow, but it does not mean i always have to have painted nails, it just means no leaving my nails to look like they belong to a troll.

Any who, i have pretty much managed to keep my nails unchipped, and some times i have been procratinating from my Drawing by doing silly nail art on myself. what do you think?

growing things

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I am kinda infatuated with my little windowsill greenhouse. Every morning, and then at regular intervals throughout the day, I find myself fussing over my little seedlings. Talking to them, inspecting them, gazing lovingly at them, repotting them, spraying them with water.. the list of my little nurtures goes on.

So I thought it was high time they get a moment in the Blog limelight.

If any one has any gardening tips, especially for growing tomatoes indoors then I would be forever grateful.

pretty flowers, not much else

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some lovely anemonies from columbia road market, i got tons of them and filled the flat. you can’t really tell here but I put most of them in milk bottles, which I have an abundance of, they looked very pretty. cant wait for Peony time.
In drawing news, i am doing lots of work but none that can be shared just yet.


Back from Amsterdam

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… And i wanna go back.

Seriously, I think i should live there. I mean its practically perfect for me, pancakes are the national dish, the people are tall- so am i- there are cute dogs everywhere, lovely cafes, strong beer…

it is perfect…. If only i could ride a bike. Image


Hope you enjoy some of my shoddy snap shots. Sorry about my photography skills. I stink at camera stuff.

I am going to draw a little guide to amsterdam based on my travels, so keep tuned if you are going to visit anytime soon.

Fan art for Betty Magazine

In me, my work on March 8, 2012 at 8:15 pm

I drew this a little while ago for the wonderful Betty Magazine, they didnt ask for it or anyhting, i just geeked out reading the publication and could not control the urge to draw the lovely images.I just thought i would share them here.

hope you like 

and here is what the cover looked like in the flesh 

also i am going to Amsterdam tomorrow! yippee. i will try to take some photos whilst i am away, but i am pretty rubbish at taking photos so i wont promise anything