ginger tea french music and watercolours

In childrens book, digital image, my work, tea on February 19, 2011 at 12:40 pm

yup folks, thats what my weekend has begun with. i have a bit of a sniffly sore throat cold, nothing too severe just horrid and gross, and its raining outside so i think i shall stay cooped up drinking medicinal ginger tea- which i dont really dig, and painting stuff a little like this lady who i have been working on recently.

i really love watercolours. they feel so nice and sensitive, but not sure if the overall effect is that succesful, i must persevere.

well i will carry on listening to this  chap yves montand until later tonight when i am sure that i will not be too sad if i am too ill to go out because boadwalk empire will be on 🙂

  1. Hello Miss Cally,

    Really enjoyed reading your little snippet this lunch time. Didn’t know you had a blog but I will not be an avid reader. The lady you’ve been working on is really great, is it a kind of self portrait? Keep up the good work and will see you monday for warpaint. x

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