the happy turn around

In childrens book, sketchbook on January 18, 2011 at 8:12 pm

This is a little bit of an experiment in gouache, its preparation for a commision that i have spent way too long planning and worrying about so i hope the recipient will over look the time its taken me to actually begin. I have just not felt like painting or drawing in the past few months, which will also account for my complete lack of blogging too.

i suppose it is all to be expected, when you finish uni it is all very exciting and you feel ready to crack open the oyster and draw nice images and maybe make a buck or two, but then you go from working constantly to working less and less and then …. i dont know i guess one begins to lose one’s nerve. or maybe it is just me, and the silly thing is i have been working in a design studio, i got the job straight from uni,  so i was a lucky one, but it is still somewhat… difficult. perhaps being around talented designers all day makes me feel that i have so much left to learn,but just recently i have felt the turn around begin to set it- i feel happy when i am drawing and relaxed and it has been so great as now i can not stop drawing again, i just hope some nice new images come out of it.


any way, enough of that.  i am excited about: the black swan at the barbican on friday .


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