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In Uncategorized on January 14, 2011 at 9:39 am

i truly love toys,those who know me will vouch for this, my lovely friend at work told me recently that, having never seen my home, she is quite certain in her belief that i live in a gingerbread house made of sweets and filled with bizarre toys whom i have given refuge. she is not far wrong.

i digress,  these pictures were all taken in Pollacks toy museum (apart from the crochet bear which was my own first attempt at amigumuri, cut me some slack though- i made the pattern up out of very own head)

Pollacks museum is well worth a visit but be prepared and set your face to its most bemused setting-it is crazy. it claims on the website to be free admission ( or at the very least it did on when i looked it up), yet when i arrived i was met by an eccentric gentlemen wearing tweed and holding a dog. Both of whom ignored me completely whilst tweedy occupied himself with jotting something on  a sheet of A4 and pooch licked his foot. the gentlemen only looked up to acknowledge me to show me what he had been busying himself with; a sign which read, in black sharpie pen : £5 admission.

i had to hand it to mr tweed, this sure was a canny way to make some bucks and so i willingly handed over my little note.

I do hope this does not reflect badly on the establishment, i really did enjoy this aspect, and it reflected well on the experience i was about to embark upon, which was shambolic and tremendously fun.


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