first things first

In Uncategorized on July 7, 2010 at 5:30 pm

Well if the amount of flowers one receives is directly proportionate to the success of ones degree then judging by the many beautiful flowers i have inhabiting my room i did pretty well- indeed i got a first so i am pretty happy about that. and so is Bunny who gets to hang out in the florals now.

and whilst we are on the subject of nature, take a look at this weird thing i came across when walking my dog:

it seems all a bit Blair Witch to me. i walked down the pathway through the wooded area that i always take and walked over this spot, i noticed nothing like this. and then a few steps along it began to rain so i decided to turn back (it can not have been more than a minute later) i walked back across this spot and saw this. I imagine i simply didn’t notice it in the first instance but i must say it seemed very curious at the time. and curiouser and curiouser still now that i think about it. i hope it was some fairies.


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