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the end is now

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yikes, today is the day i hand in all my work for assessment for my whole degree! wish me luck.

i hope i have done enough, it seems so weird that all my work fits in to a few bags and cases.


sneak peek one

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So here are a few sneaky peeks at my Helga book, there are two more to come.

stay tuned

enjoy the lovely sunshine

D is for disco, P is for pug

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Howwww awesome is this picture? i feel i need to own this book which claims it has “fashions for all”??? , i certainly think my little dog would like to wear this get up- it has so much more character than his american apparel tee shirts i make him wear that make him look like a fat body builder

haha my poor dog is very funny looking.

okay back to work, just got my portfolio to finish now and a bit of hardback book binding before next wednesday’s big hand in. And while i am doing my portfolio i shall listen to some lovely disco by Moscow which is very nice and relaxing to listen to, and has a very nice artwork on the vinyl designed by a certain Mr Lackmaker, my talented¬† fella who is far more clever than i. Sometimes.


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Well yesterday i handed my last picture book files in to the printers so hopefully by the end of the week i will have the paper printed so i can make some lovely hardback versions of the lonely gardener and the greedy fisherman AND i will have some paperback versions of Helga, and the gardener and the fisherman!! fingers crossed the lovely printers will get be able to understand my silly description of what i want and i HOPE HOPE HOPE i dd all the files correctly as it was a bit of a rush to hand it in!

but the end of uni is in sight…. and i cant wait to draw in the real world!!!

i am just not sure

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this image is very tricky i am not sure if i like it or not, i normally prefer a picture that is very calm in composition and then complicated in texture and pattern. But this part of the story is quite chaotic so i guess it works as best as i can manage… arg! and here is more Billie holiday on bbc 6 music – WOW lady Day heaven for me

don’t be erratic- be diplomatic. i got the can’t draw so well blues

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arrrrg sometimes i just cant get my drawing hand to work right…. tonight is one of those nights, but while i battled with my picture book i listened to a wonderful documentary about Billie Holiday on the iplayer. Billie Holiday makes me think of my gran and my mum cos she is a passion we all share and when the cd, ipod or record plays we all sing along loudly…

okaaay back to the drawing for me.

the patient fisherman

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this is from the story i am working on crazily to try to finish before my assesment at uni- it was inspired by this on vbs about a big trash island floating far far from civilisation. its really horrible cos it’s like an impossible thing to clean up and sort out, that is why this fisherman is patient cos he sets about trying to sort the mess out! bless him! good luck fisherman cos we have messed up the sea! more can be seen on my flikr account.

over and out!


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i sort of have a crush on the old pink panther cartoons- i guess that what this experiment is based on….¬† i think its too crazy though so i am going to re draw it- it is for a new story which i am crazily going to do before my hand in date at uni- so like in three weeks! i might be over estimating what i can get done. any way stay tuned to see if this insane deadline will cripple my already fragile anxious mental state.