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Ideas for editorials

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This is not a real editorial or anything, its just something i have cobbled together for my portfolio.the real article can be read here

Of course, my main ambition in life is to illustrate lovely childrens books which will make children happy and will stay in their hearts all through childhood until they are grown ups- just as the books of my favourite authors have stayed with me. like the beast of monsier racine by Tomi Ungerer.

BUT something i really enjoy doing also is these editorial images for magazine and newspaper articles. it is so much fun!


Little and Large

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On Friday i was involved in a rather lovely exhibition called Little and Large in Bath. it will be running until Thursday so if anyone out in the world reads this and lives in the area, do go along to see some nice pictures and buy some nice prints. The exhibition was lovey and at the private view we had lots of visitors.which you can see here on Georgia Craib’s Flikr

this image is my “little” for the exhibit- we each created two images one very little and one big.

dont be sad

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this is an exhibition i am going to be in at the wonderful Here shop and gallery in Bristol.please come and help a lovely group of terrified newly graduated illustrators celebrate our introduction to the REAL WORLD!!! arg

this is kinda how i feel

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well i had a bit of bad news this week end…. luckily i have some nice people who make me feel better. so my drawing has been a bit neglected but i finally finished this image of the gardener. its not a good diagnosis for the gardener!

i wonder if all the blood is too much for kids? hmmm… i wonder