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In childrens book, comic, graphic novel, me on March 30, 2010 at 11:05 pm

i have been drawing and photoshoping till the wee hours lately ( i have doing the old cliche of forgetting there is no “cmd z” in real life when you draw something wrong in your sketchbook… or knock your coffee over! ). i am happy to do it and my little fable is cooking up a treat,  but i am pretty sleepy now! here are some more recent images .

good night


a persian Fable

In comic, graphic novel, my work on March 26, 2010 at 9:42 am

so i have finally finished my picture book- well its all printed and hard back bound but alas it is still naked of a front cover, but very soon it will be complete! i will photograph it once it is all complete. So in the mean time i am working on a comic/ zine based on an amazing persian fable. here are some images from it so far.

bunny bunnnny!

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Well this week end i was really a lucky girl, my lovely boyfriend drove all the way to see me to help layout my picture book- more of that later- and when he arrived he had an extremely wonderous surprise in his little carry all- this BUNNY LAMP! yikes i have been lusting after this fella since november when i spied him in liberty !

now any one who has met me will tell you that i LOVE bunny rabbits and wish i had one! but alas i am not responsible enough for one. so this is indeed a very delightful addition to my life!

And then the lovely chap helped me to set up the layout for my picture book which i am delighted to say is ready for printing TOMMOROW! so stay tuned for hopefully some pictures of a printed and bound picture book in the next week!

new hair! new pictures

In domestic, me, my work on March 12, 2010 at 9:42 pm

so at uni some lovely ladies are going to make a commemorative tea towel for all the graphic students, we were asked to draw ourselves and then a tea towel would be screenprinted with all our silly mugs on them, so the top image is how i drew myself about a week ago. but i recently had my hair cut so this is how i look these days, i was aiming for Karen O crossed with purdy! i am in love with the hair, not my face which is ridiculous at best!
and i am sooo close to finishing my picture book, this is one of my favourite images i have done for the book. it shows the main character “helga” spreading rubbish in her neighbours garden.
i am excited to finish the picture book and print and bind it!

just because some people wear masks, dont mean they did nothing automaticly!

In me, music, my work on March 8, 2010 at 7:51 pm

i have been drawing more from the picture book, this is two such images from the book- which may just make me mental!
and i have been disco dancing to Yukimi nagano aka “little dragon”. she appears on the Gorillaz new record apparently but sheesh the music on her solo myspace is so fun and disco-y and the track called “forever” sounds like prince!
in other music related news i went to see the amazing MF DOOM on friday at the roundhouse in Camden! boy o boy it was rad to the max! he sent out some crazy imposter at the start- which was about an hour and half after he was due on. the imposter was so terrible i can only imagine it was some kinda joke. it was amazing when the man himself hit the stage!