c-c-c-ool to crochet- but boy its hot today

In domestic, me, my work, packaging, sketchbook, typography on June 29, 2009 at 8:11 pm

now it came to pass that last night  i watched the wonderous Blur making their big comeback at glastonbury ( watching on the telly). i distracted myself from wimpering about how much i love them and how much i wished i was there by crocheting a little sumthing sumthin- and it is little- 29062009749

a little hat for totoro. although he REALLY does not require such head wear as it is HOT HOT HOTTY HOT in the uk right now.

and today in the sweltering tropical heat of my bedroom i avoided the sun because crumbs i do burn easily- i needed a fun activity so i decided to busy my little unemployed hands by making a note book. i made it EXTRA cute in an attempt to lure me in to practice more Japanese. i got  kinda good at speaking and understanding basic japanese a few years back but then uni kinda got in my way. sooo here it is- i think it might be cute enough to do the trick. i used some vintage wrapping paper for the jacket and assorted scrap paper for the inside. 29062009750

o and one more nice pretty thing- will you look at this packaging of some toothpaste?- crumbs i am in LOVE, o more i am in love with the special edition marmite- has any one seen it? its so decadent and pretty but too expensive for me- any ways i am digressing and i must show you this toothpaste- 28062009746


and this is a silly  picture 26062009743

  1. Oooh, you can crochet actual THINGS now! I am jealous 😦 You need to teach me now, instead of the other way round! xx

    • haha miss skills i did it by mystike really i just started to spiral double stich and then incresed some stitches as i went along and then when i was bored i just cast off and made the quickest and most rubbish pom pom ever! haha! o but i am thinking i want to crochet a granny square blanket over the summer if your up for some crochet club? xx

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