tea for me

In baking, domestic, tea on June 23, 2009 at 1:51 pm

fancy teaDROOL! look at that tea! that packaging!

hmm. today i got carried away in the tea emporium- look dont try to tell me you have never been there yourself! My lovely friend served me some tea the other day which was just delicious called dragon pearl. its kind of jasmine tea hand rolled and uncurls from little balls to a long tentacle type thing- awesome! to taste and to watch. any who i just had a job interview and thought “i know i want a treat i will get some of tht dragon stuff”. so i went in to the lovely tea emporium in bath and asked for said tea. The man behind the counter did a funny smile and said- you sure got expensive tea taste and showed me the price whils i must say acting not unlike a drug peddlar by opening the big jar and wafting the lovely aroma at me! okay so it was £7.30 per 50g? thats a fair price right? right? hmmm maybe not for the recently unemployed!! but boy i cant wait for a cup! i am saving it for a while though!

until then here are my usual tea ceremonies:normal tes earl grey and assam loose leaf mix! yum! smokey and delicious

yummy tea and meraguewith a little sweet treat once its all brewed!

banana breadokay and maybe a little more sweet treat in the form of some banana bread!

o and Sarah Vaughn on the stereo too- thats a very important part of a good tea break, some nice music!

any who those are my tea time ceremonies when time permits and time is something i got on my side at the moment what with being totally unemplyable! grr!


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