a good sign?

In me, my work, typography on June 15, 2009 at 1:47 pm

13062009710well on saturday i sadly lost my job at my beloved toy shop in frome, dam recession! please if you need some designer toys munny, dunny ugly dolls all sorts of vinyl and plush toys do visit the link below for “iksentrik” cos i think my old boss ryan would appreciate any little sales:) but i am sure i will find anpther job- hope hope!

any way whilst sneakily having a smoking break outside the shop contemplating my dire future i saw this sighn in the charity shop opposite the store and it made me laugh so SO much! i mean why would it ever feel necessay to write this in the window? i almost went in to either ask about the sighn or offer my service as a window cleaner just to see if they got cross, but i decided to leave this sign as a mystery! o it did so so cheer me up to see it though!


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