In me, my work on June 9, 2009 at 6:42 pm

thursday is d-day. assesments for the second years of le graphic department. arg i am scared. i feel like i hate all my work this semester BUT i have learned tons and tons, namely about pacing/ art working my images and using photoshop and in design, which i was shockingly bad at before.

here is some images from some book i made for assesment. this is the front page of a product which was supposed to be for cd art work, mine is just more like a zine really. 09062009701

09062009702 these are some nice double page spreads from the same project 09062009703

09062009704 this is the back page. i really was pretty happy with the outcome of this, i did the drawings for it way back in february. My brief required 12 images for the booklet, i must have drawn closer to fifty images for this as i was just so totally lost, but i am happy with it in the end.


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