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c-c-c-ool to crochet- but boy its hot today

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now it came to pass that last night  i watched the wonderous Blur making their big comeback at glastonbury ( watching on the telly). i distracted myself from wimpering about how much i love them and how much i wished i was there by crocheting a little sumthing sumthin- and it is little- 29062009749

a little hat for totoro. although he REALLY does not require such head wear as it is HOT HOT HOTTY HOT in the uk right now.

and today in the sweltering tropical heat of my bedroom i avoided the sun because crumbs i do burn easily- i needed a fun activity so i decided to busy my little unemployed hands by making a note book. i made it EXTRA cute in an attempt to lure me in to practice more Japanese. i got  kinda good at speaking and understanding basic japanese a few years back but then uni kinda got in my way. sooo here it is- i think it might be cute enough to do the trick. i used some vintage wrapping paper for the jacket and assorted scrap paper for the inside. 29062009750

o and one more nice pretty thing- will you look at this packaging of some toothpaste?- crumbs i am in LOVE, o more i am in love with the special edition marmite- has any one seen it? its so decadent and pretty but too expensive for me- any ways i am digressing and i must show you this toothpaste- 28062009746


and this is a silly  picture 26062009743


tea for me

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fancy teaDROOL! look at that tea! that packaging!

hmm. today i got carried away in the tea emporium- look dont try to tell me you have never been there yourself! My lovely friend served me some tea the other day which was just delicious called dragon pearl. its kind of jasmine tea hand rolled and uncurls from little balls to a long tentacle type thing- awesome! to taste and to watch. any who i just had a job interview and thought “i know i want a treat i will get some of tht dragon stuff”. so i went in to the lovely tea emporium in bath and asked for said tea. The man behind the counter did a funny smile and said- you sure got expensive tea taste and showed me the price whils i must say acting not unlike a drug peddlar by opening the big jar and wafting the lovely aroma at me! okay so it was £7.30 per 50g? thats a fair price right? right? hmmm maybe not for the recently unemployed!! but boy i cant wait for a cup! i am saving it for a while though!

until then here are my usual tea ceremonies:normal tes earl grey and assam loose leaf mix! yum! smokey and delicious

yummy tea and meraguewith a little sweet treat once its all brewed!

banana breadokay and maybe a little more sweet treat in the form of some banana bread!

o and Sarah Vaughn on the stereo too- thats a very important part of a good tea break, some nice music!

any who those are my tea time ceremonies when time permits and time is something i got on my side at the moment what with being totally unemplyable! grr!

a good sign?

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13062009710well on saturday i sadly lost my job at my beloved toy shop in frome, dam recession! please if you need some designer toys munny, dunny ugly dolls all sorts of vinyl and plush toys do visit the link below for “iksentrik” cos i think my old boss ryan would appreciate any little sales:) but i am sure i will find anpther job- hope hope!

any way whilst sneakily having a smoking break outside the shop contemplating my dire future i saw this sighn in the charity shop opposite the store and it made me laugh so SO much! i mean why would it ever feel necessay to write this in the window? i almost went in to either ask about the sighn or offer my service as a window cleaner just to see if they got cross, but i decided to leave this sign as a mystery! o it did so so cheer me up to see it though!


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thursday is d-day. assesments for the second years of le graphic department. arg i am scared. i feel like i hate all my work this semester BUT i have learned tons and tons, namely about pacing/ art working my images and using photoshop and in design, which i was shockingly bad at before.

here is some images from some book i made for assesment. this is the front page of a product which was supposed to be for cd art work, mine is just more like a zine really. 09062009701

09062009702 these are some nice double page spreads from the same project 09062009703

09062009704 this is the back page. i really was pretty happy with the outcome of this, i did the drawings for it way back in february. My brief required 12 images for the booklet, i must have drawn closer to fifty images for this as i was just so totally lost, but i am happy with it in the end.

new and old old and new

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mefirst… in with the new. my new specs. i love LOVE them

old cushionand also in with the old- my new to me old cushion of which i have aquired two from a noce smelly charity shop in Frome in somerset, which is near where i live. ahh i love frome. 29042009581also new to me are these absolutely AMAZING animal ceramic salt and pepper shakers from my lovely uni pal Esther who was so thoughtful to buy these for me. i wish i could find an equally amazing present for her!