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In childrens book, cute stuff, me, my work, painting, sketchbook on May 7, 2009 at 6:55 pm

cali2-0051so i have decided to enter a competition open to any unpublished illustrator and since i fit that category – sadly weep weep . i want to enter it as the prize is more awesome than i could imagine. i clearly dont have a hope in hecks chance of winning but also the whole project would be nice to put in my asssement portfolio for uni. i have really  enjoyed it but holy moly it was hard work.

any way these are some examples.

above is a character sketch

and below is a double page spread.


i have been working so hard on it, and changing my mind about the characters, crying about how rubbish they look and then deciding i LOVE them and then deciding not to enter the competition for fear of being laughed outta town … and now just trudging on just so i can say to myself that i kept to the challenge despiite how tricky it wa- which is something i hate to do. i am a flake and quitter- but not any more. like my little fairy i am pulling my socks up!


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