exciting stuff- for a limited period only?

In bike, me on April 26, 2009 at 5:28 pm

i am an excitable lady, i get all excited about things easily and OFTEN. i get passionatley ‘in’ to things and do/ talk/ practice nothing but that one thing for a day/ week/ month sometimes a few years. so far the only passions that have lasted are learning Japanese – technically i no longer have lessons but i do try to still practice and i know i will go back to lessons after uni. And also cute dogs. for a whole year i chanted ” i want a chihuahua i want a chihuahua” and about three years after that i got my little doggle who is a pug cross chihuahua. i have had him about two and a half years now and whilst i AM admittedly a rubbish pet owner i do still LOVE him very much. other passing passions have included ponies, jewellry making being an artist going to slovakia buffing my nails (?? not especially imaginitive but it was a passion nonetheless- twice actually in 2001 and 2007)

any who todays passions are:

planting vegetables which i have been doing all afternoon!

drawing some pictures for a competition

getting a bike

learning to ride said bike

going to the Dot to dot festival in bristol

and eating the delicious cheese biscuits i just made… which is exactly what i am about to do now…. whilst thinking how much i would love to ride this bike!



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