my very favourite book

In amazing illustrators, childrens book on April 3, 2009 at 8:44 pm

well ever since i was little the book “the beast of monsier Racine” has been my absolute favourite! its written by tomi ungerer who has been described as “the most famous children’s book author you have never heard of.” by phaidon publishers in this interview- and really i know he is getting more well known, he was in Grafik recently and dazed and confused- but i have yet to met anyone who has heard of him… which i think is super weird.but hey it might be just the people i know. or maybe i say his name weird or something.. but any way Tomi ungerer wrote some amazing childrens books. recently his book the three robbers-– was re released in the uk and its such a charming story. today however i will show you some snippets from my child hood fav, the beast of monsier racine. which is the story of an old retired tax collector who befriends a beast which resembles ” a conglomerate of living lumps” heck that ungere can sure turn a phrase. i am always refering to  things as a conglomerate of living lumps and its a fun way to describe my tummy after a big cake! a_essay8this picture shows monsier racine becoming pals with mr beast! and check out this little detaila_essay9thats why i love love tomi. these details made me laugh as a kid and definitley still amuse me!

ahhh geese louise i love picture books!


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