manifesto project

In my work on April 1, 2009 at 4:27 pm

soooo for my ‘proffesional context’ module at uni i have been asked to write a manifesto… for myself as a designer. i found this pretty tricky as seemingly i have no work ethic as such.

i just really like drawing people hugging stuff and also people hugging animals- but thats all part of this thing i am kinda obsessed with which is using the kinda naive idea of children and animals to depict emotions. i dont think this comes across really as mostly people just say my drawings are cute- which is alright by me cos darn it, i sure like cute!! any who this is a section of my image i made to ilustrate my manifesto. its supposed to look like a layout from a childrens picture book. not too sure if it does though. blog-055


it says ” using the relationship between children and animals to explore human emotion” . i am not too sure why i decided to start mid sentance- i think possibly it was to negate having to say ” i” do this or worse still ” Calico” does that! bleurgh!


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