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exciting stuff- for a limited period only?

In bike, me on April 26, 2009 at 5:28 pm

i am an excitable lady, i get all excited about things easily and OFTEN. i get passionatley ‘in’ to things and do/ talk/ practice nothing but that one thing for a day/ week/ month sometimes a few years. so far the only passions that have lasted are learning Japanese – technically i no longer have lessons but i do try to still practice and i know i will go back to lessons after uni. And also cute dogs. for a whole year i chanted ” i want a chihuahua i want a chihuahua” and about three years after that i got my little doggle who is a pug cross chihuahua. i have had him about two and a half years now and whilst i AM admittedly a rubbish pet owner i do still LOVE him very much. other passing passions have included ponies, jewellry making being an artist going to slovakia buffing my nails (?? not especially imaginitive but it was a passion nonetheless- twice actually in 2001 and 2007)

any who todays passions are:

planting vegetables which i have been doing all afternoon!

drawing some pictures for a competition

getting a bike

learning to ride said bike

going to the Dot to dot festival in bristol

and eating the delicious cheese biscuits i just made… which is exactly what i am about to do now…. whilst thinking how much i would love to ride this bike!



a few new paintings

In cute stuff, my work, painting, sketchbook on April 14, 2009 at 5:47 pm

these are some little paintings i have been doing just for fun. cali2-019cali2-020they have been pretty fun and i feel like i am getting better with colour. i like the kind of retro colours.cali2-024

some monsters

In cute stuff, my dog, my work, painting on April 14, 2009 at 11:39 am

Here are some monsters i have been working on for uni. i am hoping to make this in to a screen print after easter at uni. i have been watching way too much of the cute show on i really want a baby walrus a bunny and a cat now! but i do have the cutest little dog so i cant complain really. he is called bugly and he is part Pug, part Chihuahua and part gremlin- an i mean the part of the gremlin that got fed after midnight.

my very favourite book

In amazing illustrators, childrens book on April 3, 2009 at 8:44 pm

well ever since i was little the book “the beast of monsier Racine” has been my absolute favourite! its written by tomi ungerer who has been described as “the most famous children’s book author you have never heard of.” by phaidon publishers in this interview- and really i know he is getting more well known, he was in Grafik recently and dazed and confused- but i have yet to met anyone who has heard of him… which i think is super weird.but hey it might be just the people i know. or maybe i say his name weird or something.. but any way Tomi ungerer wrote some amazing childrens books. recently his book the three robbers-– was re released in the uk and its such a charming story. today however i will show you some snippets from my child hood fav, the beast of monsier racine. which is the story of an old retired tax collector who befriends a beast which resembles ” a conglomerate of living lumps” heck that ungere can sure turn a phrase. i am always refering to  things as a conglomerate of living lumps and its a fun way to describe my tummy after a big cake! a_essay8this picture shows monsier racine becoming pals with mr beast! and check out this little detaila_essay9thats why i love love tomi. these details made me laugh as a kid and definitley still amuse me!

ahhh geese louise i love picture books!

wood is good

In my work, printmaking on April 1, 2009 at 5:37 pm

i am pretty much head over heels kick my in the crotch in love with wood engraving! holy moly toledo its amazing. its type high as well as being beautiful so you can set it in type- which means i could print my own little kids book! how amazing would that be! cd_project-0341

the lilac triangle was over printed from just an inked up piece of cardboard! i am pretty happy with it.cd_project-041

the bird print was my first attempt at woodengraving. o the best thing about it is you dont have to use a press, youu can do it by hand with this lovely old fashioned looking thing which i shall photograph at a later date.

manifesto project

In my work on April 1, 2009 at 4:27 pm

soooo for my ‘proffesional context’ module at uni i have been asked to write a manifesto… for myself as a designer. i found this pretty tricky as seemingly i have no work ethic as such.

i just really like drawing people hugging stuff and also people hugging animals- but thats all part of this thing i am kinda obsessed with which is using the kinda naive idea of children and animals to depict emotions. i dont think this comes across really as mostly people just say my drawings are cute- which is alright by me cos darn it, i sure like cute!! any who this is a section of my image i made to ilustrate my manifesto. its supposed to look like a layout from a childrens picture book. not too sure if it does though. blog-055


it says ” using the relationship between children and animals to explore human emotion” . i am not too sure why i decided to start mid sentance- i think possibly it was to negate having to say ” i” do this or worse still ” Calico” does that! bleurgh!